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What is EnergyMatters?

EnergyMatters offers a dynamic approach to the problems life throws up: mental/emotional health issues. Coming from a background of energy medicine, Energetic models of health, Herrings law of cure.

Everything happens in energy first.

Combining various energetic therapies, extensive knowledge and experience in a world of emotional intelligence, patterns and behaviour offering a different approach to health, well being and abundance.

EnergyMatters creates an environment where you can say and feel all the things either we are told we can't or shouldn't feel, it is a non-judgemental and 100% confidential space. We work at your speed giving you ownership and allowing you to take full responsibly for your own process and path to happiness or abundance what ever you wish to create.  

Why does energy matter?

Everything is energy in one form or another. Ice water and steam are the same thing but at a different vibration if you take the ice and add energy/heat to it the molecules will begin to start moving at a quicker rate keep raising the vibration and the water will turn to steam. Emotionally there are similarities if traumatic event happens for example if the feelings and emotions are left undealt with we tend to push them deeper ultimately lowering the vibration and potentially leading to physical/mental symptoms. One of the quickest ways to heal/transmute suppressed emotions it to raise the vibration of it. There are many ways of introducing more energy with many energy medicines available acupuncture, reiki etc. The most powerful tool I have found is Breath4Life™ breath work.   

Adam is exceptional at what he does. He is a fantastic channel and his Reiki treatments are incredible. He really knows his stuff around energy medicine and is a great teacher. He's a total natural when it comes to facilitating Breath Work sessions. He's safe, warm and a great source of unconditional love. You will be really lucky to be one of his clients!

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