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Reiki Is an energy medicine Originating from Japan given to us through Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki made up of 2 words Rei-Universal/Spiritual and Ki-Energy  (Ki, Chi, Prana, life force energy all the same just different words for different cultures). Originally a hands off treatment focusing on the head as it was introduced into the western world it has changed overtime now more likely to be a hands on treatment, treating the whole body not just focusing on the head- the reality is where intention goes Reiki flows. The hand positions used help to ensure an even flow of energy through the whole body. Reiki is a very relaxing treatment and good for just about anything, mental physical emotional and spiritual growth.  

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1 hour sessions, you will receive around 45 minuets of  Reiki, allowing a little bit of time for a chat before and after the treatment. Reiki gives the body a boost of energy so it can begin to work its way through the areas required what ever that may be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. Reiki is generally a very soft healing technique that leaves you with a greater sense or peace and clarity.

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Reiki one is an introduction to reiki with theory, history, principles etc. Good if you want to learn for personal and family use or are just waking up to the spiritual world.

Reiki Two takes a deeper look into Reiki, the history, the symbols, distance treatments and a far greater understanding of energy and how we can use it.

Reiki 3 Pathway is where the fun really beings over the course of a year we travel the country experiencing different energies from lay lines in Glastonbury or attunements in the centre of Stonehenge to the peace and power found in the welsh hills. The Reiki master pathway is designed to help you hone those long forgotten skills and gain energy mastery.

All Reiki attunements are given at the relevant stages.  

Adam is compassionate and dedicated to his clients. He is a good teacher, has excellent knowledge about reiki and is eager to pass it on. He is a good Breath4LifeTM BreathWork practitioner.

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