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Breath Work


Breath4LifeTM breath work is a powerful action therapy, using the power of your breath and various techniques to help you quieten the mind allowing you to access..


A Japanese tradition passed on from Dr Usui. A hands on treatment great for relaxation, pain/stress relief, physical issues and many more.


Residential events 

The Mechanics of Life

I have spent around 18 years as a mechanic and the last 8 learning my new trade of energy medicine. I never thought I would find a link between the two, yet the similarities are incredible. So one is a car and one is a human body, when I apply my mechanical way of thinking you end up with a diagnostic process.

Using metaphysical causes, listening to what and how people say to help them to gain some understanding of what their body is trying to tell them. It is often not so much about the symptoms but what they point to, that root cause, the disturbance in the energy field. To put it into car terms the misfire, the engine has gone into limp mode.

Book some time with me and start your diagnostic process looking to areas and aspects of life that may no longer be serving you or even as simple as the things you wish to improve.

The similarities don't just stop with the diagnostic process. Every car has a service schedule and you will often find the customers who regularly maintain their car in the long run have less issues and greater longevity of the vehicle.

What regular maintenance do you need to keep ticking over nicely?

A Reiki treatment once a month to recharge the batteries?

A Breath work session to help blow off the cobwebs to keep your engine running tip top and on form?

Take advantage of a free clarity call to help work out a 'service plan' right for you.



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