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Be the Buffalo

At times in life we all have to endure a storm. A herd of buffalo that are faced with a storm will gather together putting the strongest at the front and the weaker in the middle. Together they walk head first towards the storm while all other animals run and seek shelter. The quickest way through the storm is to tackle it face on.  

Is It time for you to be the buffalo and with the group energy face the storm?

There is great power within a group, herd, tribe or family. Having likeminded people to help and support you when you hit a storm holding the space for you to step into the middle and move through. Below are the links and locations, with a brief description of some of the people in my tribe. We are all passionate about helping and supporting as many  people as we can while they take their own path of self development.

Can you hear your tribe calling?


Acorn to Oak

Pennie Quaile-Pearce SRN RSCN MA MSc LCH RMA Cert Ed and CEO of Acorn to Oak. An expert in energy medicine, homeopathy and spiritual living.

Location: New Forest


Just Be

Created by Adina to give people a safe and comfortable space with excellent support, knowledge and wisdom.

Location: Ash/Aldershot


Inner Balance

Created by Matthew who is passionate about helping men and women with rage, anger and emotional issues in general.

Location; Woking/West Byfleet


Divine Hearts

Tracey's light hearted approach flows through Divine Hearts. "I will help you challenge your fears and explore your potential."

Location: Hertfordshire 


Higher Vibes Corner

Founded by Amy Passionate about tribe and group energy. "Providing a true safe space for deep healing and real-life changes."

Location: London



Please follow the link to more coaches with their own excellence and wisdom.

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